How To Maintain Dry Mortar Plant?

This article will tell you how to maintain dry mortar plant and precautions.

The emergence of dry mortar plant has saved labor and improved the work efficiency of workers. The automation of the whole dry mortar production line has also become higher and higher.

The mixing system and weighing system of the dry mortar production line has reached 100% accuracy after years of testing and improvement. As you know, this is a mechanical device, not anything else.

It cannot maintain its best condition for a long time, you need to take care of it and take care of it. Check it in time.

In many dry mix mortar manufacturing process, the purity of the finished product is also very important. After each use, the dry mortar mixer must be thoroughly cleaned. In order to meet this condition, the inside of the dry mortar mixer should be kept smooth. The surface of our dry mixer machine is polished so that it is easy to clean.

How To Maintain Dry Mortar Plant

Therefore, how should the dry mortar production line be maintained?

  1. You need to remove the residual materials in the dry mortar mixer in time to make the sensor return to zero normally.
  2. Check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, and the lubricator in the air circuit system should maintain a sufficient amount of oil.
  3. Check whether the motor and reducer are overheated, whether there is noise, whether the indicator is normal, and whether the signal system is intact.
  4. Ensure that the dry mortar machine and the surrounding environment are clean.
  5. Frequently check whether the cylinder, butterfly valve and solenoid valve are normal, please start and shut down the dry mortar machine correctly.
  6. The mixer and discharge hopper should be cleaned every four hours to avoid solidification of residual materials and hinder normal operation.
  7. At the end of each shift, the internal water in the air compressor, air storage tank and filter should be discharged, and the faults in operation should be eliminated in time.
  8. The butterfly valve, mixer, solenoid valve, air filter and oil mist device are maintained in accordance with the instructions.
  9. The operator observes the control system of the mixer in time.
  10. Check the transmission device to ensure normal operation. Protective covers should be installed on large gears, pulleys and other parts.
  11. The size of the aggregate should meet the requirements of the mixer. Excessive aggregate size will damage the mixer.
  12. Run empty machine, check the rotation direction of the mixing drum or mixing blade, and put it into use after confirming that it is normal.
  13. Please strictly implement the above content to ensure the high output of the dry mortar plant and the safety of the operators.