• Valve Bag Filling Machine

    Valve bag filling machine mainly packs powdery materials, especially cement. The valve bag filling machine can quickly pack cement in bulk. Wholesale valve bag filling machine, please contact us to get a quote.

    2020 Hot sale valve bag filling machine cost

    2020 Hot Sale Valve Bag Filling Machine

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    New Design Valve Bag Filling Machine

    double port valve bag filling machine

    Double Port Valve Bag Filling Machine

    Valve bag filling machines can be divided into impeller feeding and screw feeding according to the size of the packed material. If the material particles are relatively large, you can choose the impeller feeding method. If your material particles are relatively small, you can choose the screw feeding method.

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  • Which Material is Suitable for Valve Bag Filling Machine?

    • The valve bag filling machine can pack cement, dry mortars, fly ash, lime powder, calcium carbonate, talc powder, gypsum powder, bentonite, kaolin, gypsum powder, talc powder, gray calcium powder, heavy calcium powder, calcium oxide, coal powder, stone powder, carbon black, alumina, fire-fighting materials and other powdery and granular materials are automatically measured and packaged. 
    • The valve bag filling machine is suitable for materials: granular materials, dry mortars, and mixture materials.

  • Valve Bag Filling Machine Video

    The packing range is 10-60kg, which can be adjusted according to the size of the valve bags.

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  • Which machines can be used with valve bag filling machines?

    • The valve bag filling machine is connected directly under the dry mortar mixer machine for use.
    • At the same time, it can also be equipped with a dry mortar mixer, screw conveyor, and finished product hopper to form a simple dry mortar production line. The automatic dry mortar plant can be used with multiple valve bag filling machines.

  • Working Site for Valve Bag Filling Machine

    The application of the valve bag filling machine is very wide, all dry mortars packaging can choose it, save your cost and fast packaging speed.

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  • Working Principle for Valve Bag Filling Machine

    • When the material starts to fill into the valve bags, the impeller or screw will send the material to be packed into the valve bag.
    • Under the impulse of compressed air, the material will quickly enter the valve bags.
    • When the weight of the material reaches 70% of the required weight, the motor will start to decelerate until the filling process is completed and the parameter value you set in advance is reached.
    • The improved valve bag filling machine adopts a larger canned caliber, which can quickly reduce the flow rate of materials and the packed weight value is more accurate.

  • Valve Bag Filling Machine Features

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    1. Microcomputer control, accurate weighing
    2. Simple operation, only needs a worker put a bag in the valve port.
    3. Long service life, not easy to damage, simple maintenance in the future.
    4. Dust collecting hood is designed to reduce dust diffusion and protect the environment.

  • How to Use Valve Bag Filling Machine?


    • When you put on the valve bags and start packaging, it will trigger the switch of the packaging and start to work. The vale bag filling machine automatically tightens the valve bag and automatic filling begins.
    • When the filling material reaches the set value, the valve bag filling machine releases valve bag. There is a worker to remove the packaged valve bag and continue to put on a new valve bag.
    • How to set the packaging value of the valve bag filling machine in advance, if I need 25kg/bag, it's simple, we will give you a brochure, which records how to set the packaging value in the form of a picture.
    • Of course, if the booklet is inconvenient for you to read, we can also send you a video. Or teach you how to set the packaging values ​​to face to face by living video.

  • Valve bag filling machine operation and maintenance:

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    1. Remove the accumulated material in the hopper in time to make the sensor return to zero normally.
    2. Check whether the lubricating oil of each lubricating point is sufficient, and the lubricator in the gas circuit system should maintain a sufficient amount of oil.
    3. Check all motors and electrical appliances for overheating, abnormal noise, whether the meter indication is normal, and whether the signal system is intact.
    4. Ensure the cleanliness of the machine and surrounding environment.
    5. Regularly check and adjust the cylinder, butterfly valve and solenoid valve to make the opening and closing meet the requirements.
    6. Frequently check each system, if there is any leakage of ash, gas, oil and electricity, please deal with it in time.
    7. The mixer and discharge hopper should be cleaned every four hours to prevent the residual concrete from consolidating and preventing normal operation.
    8. In each shift, the internal water accumulated in the air compressor, air storage tank and filter should be released, and the faults in operation should be eliminated.
    9. Butterfly valves, mixers, solenoid valves, air filters and lubricators are maintained in accordance with the relevant instructions.
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