• Dry Mix Concrete Plant

    Dry mix concrete plant is a kind of concrete batching plant. It is compared with a wet concrete batching plant. The main difference between the two is that the dry mix concrete plant does not have a central mixer. It uses trucks to mix and transport dry mix concrete plant. Compared with ordinary ingredients, dry mix concrete plant has higher production efficiency, but it needs to work with concrete mixer trucks.

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    Advantages of dry mix concrete plant

    1. The cost is more economical. The dry mix concrete plant does not have a central mixer, and the materials can be fully mixed without adding water, which is lower in cost than standard ready mix concrete plants.
    2. The production efficiency is higher. Like other concrete mixing plants, the control system can be fully automated or semi-automated.
    3. All parts of the dry mix concrete plant are standardized. You can buy wearing parts at any time to reduce maintenance costs.
    4. All materials do not need to be mixed with water, which reduces energy and increases output.
    5. Stable performance and long service life.
    6. The daily maintenance is simple. It can be said that daily maintenance is not required due to the absence of a mixer.
    7. Di Hai machinery has more than 20 years of production and research experience, strong and ready to serve you everything.

    In the industry, wet concrete batching plant is widely used, because the dry mix concrete plant has conditions when it is used. Its main function is to input sand, concrete, aggregate and other materials into the truck mixer in proportion to mix and transport the materials. On site, the quality of the finished concrete is greatly affected by the mixer.

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    Dry Mix Concrete Plant

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    Dry Mix Mortar Plant

  • Components of Dry Concrete Batching Plant

    The dry mix concrete batching plant is composed of an aggregate batching machine, scale system, conveying system, storage system, PLC control system, control cabin, air supply system, de-dust system, steel frame, etc.

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    Aggregate Batching Machine

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    Bolted Cement Silo

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    Scale System

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    PLC Control System

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    Screw Conveyor

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    Control Room

  • The Difference Between Dry Mix Concrete Plant And Wet Mix Concrete Plant

    • From the naming of the two, we can find that the biggest difference is "dry" and "wet". Whether to add water becomes the key.
    • Dry mix concrete plant has a longer storage time. Dry mix concrete is delivered directly to the construction site in bulk or in bags. Like dry mix mortar, it can be used with water.
    • Wet mix concrete plant is wet mixing. Because of the characteristics of concrete, it cannot be transported for a long time. It is best to use it directly after mixing on the construction site. The application fields of Wet mix concrete plant are more extensive.
    • Finally, the most important point is that the wet mix concrete plant has a concrete mixer, but the dry mix concrete plant does not.

  • After-sales service

    • Help guide the installation throughout the process and train your staff to learn how to properly operate the dry mix concrete plant.
    • One-to-one technical consulting service, 24h online.
    • Tell us your needs, our team will provide you with a turnkey solution
    • In the operation of the machine, we will answer any questions you encounter for you
    • As a manufacturer of dry mix concrete plant with 20+ years of experience, our current achievements are the best proof. Our concrete batching plant has been sold all over the world. In the future, we hope to be the leader of dry mix mortar plant and dry mix concrete plant. No matter what your needs, our technical team will give you the perfect solution.

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