• Robot Palletiser For Bags

    Robot palletizer for dry mortar bags is a high-tech product of machine and electricity. The design makes the stacking shape tight and neat. Robot palletizing machine for dry mortar plant is mainly composed of flat conveyor, slow stop conveyor, indexing conveyor, pallet warehouse, pallet conveyor, marshaling machine, bag pushing device, palletizing device, pallet conveyor.

    The important things when you choose a robot palletizer

    The important things when you choose a robot palletizer

    When using a robot palletizer for dry mortar bags, it is also important to consider the choice of the robot gripper.

    • Vacuum gripper is common, it is cheap, easy to operate, and can load most of the load.
    • Clamshell gripper, which can clamp the two sides of a bag;
    • Fork gripper, it is inserted into the bottom of the package to lift the package;
    • Bag gripper, which is a mixture of clamshell and fork gripper. Its fork part can wrap the bottom and both sides of the package.
  • Advantages of Automatic Robot Palletizer

    1. The entire palletizer production line is automatically controlled by an intelligent program. It has a fault alarm system, a display system and an automatic chain stop function. It can easily achieve continuous operation.
    2. The automatic robot palletizer can be equipped with a communication interface according to your needs to monitor the production line of the automatic robot palletizer, remote diagnosis and network management.
    3. The robot palletizer has reasonable structure design, stable operation and high production efficiency
    4. When the automatic robot palletizer is running normally, no human intervention is required, it can be controlled remotely, and the operation is simple
    5. After you use the bag packaging process, these are palletized on the pallet, these are carried out by the palletizer, so that it is very convenient and stable, without human contact.
    6. Reduce labor costs. If the robot palletizer is used, it will greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.
    7. The production process does not need to be stopped. And these also increase the accuracy of the work, because the robot data is set in advance, which is to ensure the quality.

  • What is the Composition of the Automatic Robot Palletizer?

    1. The automatic bag supply system

    2. Automatic weighing system

    3. Bag setting

    4. Folding heat sealing sewing machine

    5. Bag turning machine

    6. Metal detector

    7. Duplicate testing machine

    8. Conveyor rejection machine

    9. Inkjet printer

    10. Pallet storage and conveying equipment

    11. Automatic palletizer (robot palletizing)

    12. Other optional equipment

    13. Electric instrument control cabinet and various conveyors

    What is the Composition of the Automatic Robot Palletizer?
  • Why Choose Automatic Robot Palletizer?

    •  Maybe you don’t know what a fully automatic palletizer is, and you haven’t even heard of it. Let's take dry mortar plant as an example and talk about what a robot palletizer is.
    • In fact, the automatic robot palletizer is to put the bagged dry mortar bags on the pallet according to the corresponding arrangement, perform automatic stacking, can be stacked, and then use the forklift to transport to the place you need.
    • It realizes intelligent operation management, which can greatly reduce labor and labor intensity.
    • With the increasing production volume of enterprises nowadays, it has become an inevitable trend for machinery to replace manual labor, especially for dry mortar production lines.
    • From the economic point of view, a fully automatic palletizer can replace six workers.
    • High palletizing speed, adjustable speed, up to 6 seconds per bag, up to 1000 bags/hour per hour, can save 2-4 people and can use two lines and one host.
    • The host is highly integrated, with integral installation, easy on-site installation, and can be used after docking with the outlet.

  • Robot Palletizer

    Suitable for dry mortar plant, special mortar plant, wall putty bags, tile glue bags, gypsum mortar bags, thermal insulation mortar bags, cement plant, feed plant, fertilizer plant and other packaging bags, bags stacking.

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    Robot Palletizer Working Site

    Robot Palletizer Working Site
  • FAQ

    After-service for automatic robot palletizer:

    We provide:

    • Provide you with on-site installation, training, debugging and other services until your machine works normally to ensure that you can process and produce independently;
    • From the date of purchase, you can go to our company to participate in various technical training courses for free, until you learn, and will also provide free answering questions and consultation at any time in the future;
    • In terms of after-sales service, if your machine has any faults, we will give a solution at the first time.

    What is the shipping cost to our country?

    We can ship the robot palletizer to your hand by sea or by the method you set. Please tell us the port or address closest to you. We have a reliable freight forwarder to ensure the safe and fast transportation of the machine to your hands.

    How should I pay?

    You can pay it by T/T, L/C, Western union, etc.

    Does your robot palletizer support customization?

    Yes, tell us your needs, we will give you a satisfactory turnkey solution.

    How long can I receive the robot palletizer?

    Generally, delivery can be delivered within 10-15 days after receiving the deposit, plus the time of sea transportation, you can receive the machin within 30-45 days.

    How long is the warranty period?

    Within 12 months after delivery, if you have any questions, please contact us in time.

    What is the packaging?

    We are using fumigation-free wooden boxes to ensure that the robot palletizer arrive in your country as new.

    Do you provide installation and commissioning?

    Our engineers can provide services for overseas machines to help customers solve palletizer problems.

    What should I do after the warranty and parts are damaged?

    For machine products, in addition to electrical and electronic parts and normally worn parts, our company provides a 12-month warranty for all mechanical parts. At the same time, guarantee to start from the shipment (date of bill of lading). The guarantee is limited to replacing damaged parts after checking for construction faults. The manufacturing company is solely responsible for the inspection of the cause of the failure or the failure of the part. All in all, our company can provide you with assured products.

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