What Kind Of Fuel Is Good For The Sand Dryer?

This article briefly describes the characteristics of the three energy sources of the dryer, hope it will help you.

Our three-cylinder sand dryer supports three fuels: natural gas, coal, and biomass fuel. You can choose the fuel according to your local actual situation. Which fuel is better for the dryer? Or which fuel cost is lower?

What Kind Of Fuel Is Good For The Sand Dryer?

Then I will take you to analyze the three commonly used fuels:

1. Coal

For the current society, the burning of coal is not environmentally friendly, and the country's control of coal-burning is becoming more and more stringent.

When working, it is easy to be heated unevenly, and the combustion cannot be stopped in time, resulting in a waste of heat. But coal is the most widely used in actual work.

Generally, coal has a calorific value of 5,000 kcal/kg, which is cost-effective. As people's awareness of environmental protection is getting higher and higher, the prospect of coal is not optimistic.

Coal is divided into bituminous coal and anthracite, and most sand drying machines choose anthracite. During operation, dust removal and waste gas treatment are required.

Main features: not environmentally friendly, but cost-effective.

2. Biomass fuel

Biomass fuel is a new type of environmentally friendly fuel. It is a renewable resource with a variety of products that can provide heat and power generation.

Biomass fuel is mainly compressed from wood chips and straw particles. Used as fuel for sand dryer. Compared with coal, the cost of biomass fuel is higher.

Main features: Environmentally-friendly new resources, limited by wood chips resources, production capacity may not be reached.

3. Natural gas

Everyone is familiar with natural gas. In our daily life, we use natural gas for cooking, which has high safety performance.

Generally, the calorific value of natural gas is about 8500k/kg, and combustion efficiency is high. There is less air pollution, and the overall cost price is slightly higher than that of coal.

Main features: The cost is slightly higher than that of coal. It may be restricted by pipelines.

The above is an analysis of the three fuels of the sand dryer for the domestic market. You can choose high-quality and inexpensive fuels according to the actual situation. We can customize different combustion systems according to your needs. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.