• Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

    Here, we supply three type dry mortar mixer machine

    Type 1: Double Shaft Weightless Dry Mortar Mixer

    Double Shaft Weightless Dry Mortar Mixer
    •  Fast mixing speed, multi-level cross mixing, fast speed, short time, no dead angle. Double large door opening device, the blanking is fast and clean. Mixing time of each batch: 0.5-2.5min, fast and convenient material discharge, usually 10-30 seconds to complete a batch of material;
    • The power consumption per ton of material is small, which is 60% lower than that of ordinary horizontal ribbon mixer;
    • The mixing uniformity is high, which can make the materials with the ratio of 1:10000 to be mixed evenly, especially for the mixing of materials with different specific gravity
    • The mild mixing process, materials with large differences in specific gravity, particle size, shape and other physical properties are not prone to segregation during mixing;
    • The operation of the equipment is stable and reliable, and there are few wearing parts. The blades are made of wear-resistant cast steel, which has long service life, convenient maintenance, and simple operation;
    • It has a wide range of application and can be used to mix all dry mortars.

    According to user needs can be customized ordinary carbon steel, semi-stainless steel, all stainless steel and other materials, suitable for high-precision materials mixed production needs.

  • Double Shaft Dry Mortar Mixer Application In Dry Mortar Plant

    Dry Mix mortar plant Di Hai Brand
    Dry mortar production line with sand drying plant
    Dry mortar mixer machine
  • Working Principle of Double Shaft Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

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    The horizontal double shaft non-gravity dry mortar mixer machine is equipped with double shaft reverse blades, which can circulate and mix the materials at a certain angle in the horizontal and vertical directions. When the blades are thrown upwards, the materials can cause instant weight loss and make the materials mix quickly and evenly.

    Application materials

    The gravity-free dry mortar mixer is mainly suitable for mixing and filling of dry mortars such as tile adhesive, wall putty mortar, thermal insulation material, wear-resistant material, rubber powder, self-leveling mortar, flour and other materials.

  • Gravity-free Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

    Dry Mortar Mixer Machine Description

    The gravity-free dry mortar mixer machine is widely used in chemical, biological, building materials and other fields. It can be used for mixing mortar, granules, fibers and other materials. It can be quickly mixed evenly in a short time. It is widely used in dry mortar plant.

    Flexible Material Selection

    The material can be customized according your need.

    Coatings or protective layers with different functions can be added inside the mixer, such as anti-corrosion, anti-adhesion, isolation, and wear-resistant protective layers;

    Efficient Dry Mortar Mixing Machine

    The non-gravity dry mortar mixer can adjust the dual-shaft blades according to different material properties.

    Excellent Discharge Device

    The gravity-free dry mortar mixer is usually equipped with a double-door discharge valve, which completely fits the arc surface of the cylinder, ensuring no dead angle in the stirring, and making the mixture more uniform.

  • Type 2: Dry Mortar Ribbon Mixer Machine

    Dry mortar ribbon mixer is mainly used in a small dry mortar production line.

    Dry Mortar Ribbon Mixer Machine

    Dry Mortar Ribbon Mixer Machine

    • It can mix all dry mortars, such as tile adhesive mortar, wall putty, adhesive mortar, plastering mortar, masonry mortar, etc.
    • The belt dry mortar mixer machine has a small footprint, less investment, quick results and simple operation.
    • The top of dry mortar mixer is designed with a feeding port.
    • The side of dry mortar mixer is designed with observation holes, so that you can observe the materials at any time
    • The bottom of dry mortar mixer is designed with a discharge port, the discharge is clean and no residue
  • Dry Mortar Ribbon Mixer Machine Apply In Dry Mortar Production Line

    simple dry mortar production lin with dry mortar ribbon mixer
    dry mortar mixer machine working site
    dry mortar mixing production lin with dry mortar mixer machine
  • Type 3: U Type Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

    U-type dry mortar mixer machine is a new type of high-efficiency mixing machine, widely used in wall putty mortar, real stone paint, dry mortars, etc.

    U Type Dry Mortar Mixer Machine with screw conveyor
    • Good dispersion: The multi-functional dry mortar mixer adopts a unique structural design, which can effectively disperse polypropylene fibers and wood fibers, and completely solve the problems of segregation and secondary fiber reunion caused by the different specific gravity of materials.
    • Cost-effective: Multifunctional dry mortar mixer machine has obvious price advantages. For the production projects of external wall insulation the efficiency is high, but also the equipment idleness and resource waste caused by excessive investment are avoided.
    • The equipment is simple and convenient to use: the multifunctional dry powder mortar mixer has a small size, which can be reduced, easy to operate, and can be directly installed and used without foundation. It can produce 2-8 tons per hour and can operate 2-6 people. 

    The three-layer spiral belt inside and outside of the U-shaped dry mortar mixer has stable operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, easy installation, fast mixing speed, high mixing uniformity, and a scraper can be installed on the spiral belt to adapt to thick and paste mixture of materials.

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