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    Di Hai Machinery mainly produce rotary drum dryers for drying sand, single rotary drum dryers for mining, triple pass rotary drum dryers developed by our engineers, and others such as sludge dryers, rotary kiln dryers, etc.

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    Triple Pass Rotary Dryer

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    Single Rotary Drum Dryer

    Triple Pass Rotary Sand Dryer Features

    • The triple pass rotary drum sand dryer is an improved machine based on the single rotary drum sand dryer.
    • After continuous testing in actual cases, the current triple pass rotary drum dryer machine was manufactured.
    • Its internal structure is three layers, so it is called three pass rotary drum dryer.
    • It increases the drying time of wet raw materials. In terms of tightness and thermal insulation, the triple pass rotary drum sand dryer is more reasonable than the single pass rotary drum sand dryer. In terms of production capacity, the triple pass rotary drum sand dryer is more than 60% higher than the single cylinder dryer
    • The sand drying machine widely used, including slag, clay, coal, iron powder, ore powder and other mixed materials in various industries, dry mix mortar plant in the construction industry, silica sand and other raw materials in chemical industry and casting industry.

    Structure of Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer

    • This triple pass rotary drum sand dryer machine is designed by three concentric cylinders with different diameters according to a certain mathematical relationship.
    • The rotary sand dryer fuel can be gasoline, coal, gas, etc. You can choose different fuels according to your needs. It is a set of energy-saving and environmentally friendly green sand drying machine.
    • It is designed with material guide plates at different angles, which can make the material move along the material guide plate under the action of gravity, then the wet raw material has enough residence time to quickly evaporate water, saving fuel and time. It is your ideal sand dryer.
    • The length of a triple pass rotary dry machine is one-third of the length of single rotary dryer machine. 
    • Each drum has formed its own insulation system, the heat exchange of the materials in the drum,  the outermost material is at the low temperature end of the hot airflow, the heat dissipation area and heat energy loss of the cylinder are significantly reduced . 
    • The energy-saving three cylinder rotary drum dryer can make full use of waste heat, reduce heat loss, increase the heat exchange area, and greatly increase the evaporation intensity per unit volume of the dryer, thereby effectively improving the heat energy utilization rate, reducing energy consumption.
    • The length of rotary drum sand drying machine body is one-third of  single rotary drum sand dryer, save the floor area, reduced the investment cost. 
    • The rotary sand dryer machine adopts a friction drive between the supporting wheel and the belt, and the transmission power is low, which reduces the noise when sand drying machine is working. 
    • The sealing system adopts micro-contact technology, which has better sealing effect and reduces dust pollution.

    Advantages of Triple Pass Rotary Drum Sand Dryer

    • The outlet temperature of three rotating drum sand dryer is low, and the dust collector has a long service time.
    • Fuel can adapt to coal, oil and gas. The sand drying machine can bake block, pellet and powder materials under 20mm.
    • The investment required for rotary sand dryer machine is low, and the recovery cost is fast.
    • Compared with the single sand drying machine, the floor space is reduced by about 50%, the civil construction investment is reduced by about 50%, and the power consumption is reduced by 60%.
    • The thermal efficiency of self-insulation of sand dryer machine body is more than 70% (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single sand dryer is only 35%), which improves thermal efficiency by 35%.
    • Rotar sand dryer can ensure that the final moisture of the material is below 0.5%, which is the first choice for dry mortar plant and slag powder.
  • Triple rotary drum sand dryer machine working site

    Sand Drying Plant

    • Triple pass rotary drum dryer with hot blast heater, discharging hopper, blower pipe, cyclone dust collector, belt conveyor and induced draft fan form a sand drying plant.
    • This is a standardized sand drying equipment, engineers can increase or decrease sand drying equipment according to your needs, and design different solutions according to your capacity.

  • What are the components of sand drying plant?

    • Rotary sand drying machine design, small heat radiating area, low coal, tailings power, fine power material.
    • Compact structure, small power, low power consumption.
    • Covering small area, short installation period, small air volume, small supporting, low integral investment.

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    More Working Site of Sand Dryer Machine

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    Advantages of long rotary drum dryer

    The single long rotary drum dryer machine adopts a new material lifting plate device, which can distribute the wet materials evenly inside the dryer, the materials become thin, uniform and complete, completely contact the hot air flow, make full use of the thermal energy, save fuel, improve drying efficiency is 10-15%. It has been widely used in cement and mineral processing.

    Heat source of long rotary drum dryer

    The heat sources of silica sand dryer are mainly gas, diesel and biomass.
    What kind of rotary drum sand dryer heat source to choose will also affect the cost of sand drying machine.
    Therefore, when selecting the heat source of sand dryer, we must consider the safety of the heat source and whether it meets environmental protection.

    Working Site of Single Rotary Drum Sand Drying Machine

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    What is the profit of the sand dryer, do you want to know?

    Before analyzing the profit of the sand dryer, let us take a look at the use of sand?

    1. Sand can be used as a quick solvent for engineering construction, road construction, filtration, breeding and beautification.
    2. Sand is the main material for making glass. It contains silicon.
    3. Sand can be used as sandbags for flood control.

    Sand can be used in all aspects of life, and investing in sand dryers is also a profitable industry.

    • We use numbers to calculate the return on investment:
    • Profit analysis of drying wet sand:
    • Equipment: Φ2.5 × 5m type sand dryer equipment
    • Capacity: 11 t/ h
    • The evaporated water is 10.5 kg use 1 kg coal
    • The total power of a complete set of sand dryer equipment is: 28KW
    • Standard coal is 600 RMB per ton, and 0.6 RMB per kilogram of coal. The price of coal used in sand dryer per hour is 96.38 × 0.6 = 57.828 RMB.
    • If electricity consumption per hour is about 28KW, and the electricity is calculated at 1.5 RMB per kilowatt-hour, then the electricity consumption per hour is 42 RMB.
    • According to the above, the coal consumption + electricity consumption per hour of sand drying machine is approximately 57.828 + 42 = 99.828 RMB.
    • If you work 24 hours a day and 25 days a month, then you work 600 hours a month. The monthly coal consumption plus the monthly electricity consumption is approximate: 99.828 × 600 = 59896.8 RMB, plus the wages of two workers of 15000, the monthly test cost is approximate: 74896.8RMB.
    • The sand dried each month is approximate: 9.988 × 600 = 5992.8 tons. For every ton of sand dried, a profit of 30 RMB is added, then the monthly income is 5992.8 × 30 = 179784 RMB, and then subtract For each month of expenditure, the net profit is 179784-74896.8 = 104887.2 RMB.
  • Internal Structure

    The internal structure of rotary drum sand dryer machine manufacturer, each drum has more than 20 drying rooms.

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  • How about three pass rotary sand dryer machine warranty?

    • 1-year warranty on all sand drying machine.
    • Engineers can go abroad to install sand dryer machine if you need.
    • 1 set of wearing parts needed for sand dryer equipment.
    • If there is any problem with your sand dryer machinery, we will be responsible for it.

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