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    Dry Mortar Mixer with Automatic Ton Bag Filling Machine

    • This is a very simple dry mix mortar production line, and capacity at 2-3 t/h, it mainly consists of feeding screw conveyor, dry mortar paddle mixer, automatic ton bag powder filling machine.
    • The dry mortar mixer machine's biggest advantage is lower investment higher benefit. If you just want to engage in the sale of dry powder mortar, choose it.

    Dry mortar mixing plant with sand dryer machine

    6-8 t/h Dry Mix Mortar Production Line with Double Finished Silo

    • Simple dry mix mortar production line, if you use the automatic dry powder packing machine, the capacity can reach 10 t/h, 80 tons per day.
    • You only need 2 people to operate the whole dry mortar manufacturing, its investment is very small, and small space occupied, but it can bring you the capacity up 2500 ton per month.

    dry mortar mixing production line

    Improved Dry Mix Mortar Plant

    • The biggest improved dry mix mortar production line is double shaft paddle mixer.
    • Compared with the general dry powder mortar paddle mixer, its mixing speed is faster and it can be mixed quickly and evenly. 
    • Especially set up the observation port and cleaning port for you, and is equipped with a control cabinet so that you can control the whole dry mortar production line with one key.

    Dry Motar plant with double shaft dry mortar mixer machine, ton bag filling machine and plc control syestem

    10-20 t/h Dry Mortar Plant in China

    • Dry mortar plant can also be ready mix mortar plant, it using a computer automatic control system. PLC control cabinet uses Siemens accessories.
    • This dry mix mortar plant composed of weighing system, conveying system, mixer system, etc., and you can decide whether need automatic mortar packaging machine and dust collector according to your needs.
    • Its output can reach 10-20 t/h, about 130ton per day, and the monthly output can reach about 4000ton, which requires about 3 people to operate the whole dry mix mortar manufacturing line

    Automatic dry mortar mix plant with automatic powder ton bag packing machine

    20-30 t/h Automatic Dry Mortar Mix Plant

    • If you want to improve your capacity, you can choose this full automatic dry mix mortar plant.
    • Which has a fully automatic batching system, the whole dry mix mortar production process is fully automated operation, PLC control system, one key to control the entire production process.
    • It needs 3-4 workers to operate, can save your labor and time costs.

    capacity at more than 30 ton per hour dry mix concrete plant by Di Hai manufacturing

    More Than 30 t/h Dry Mix Concrete Plant

    • The fully automatic dry mix mortar plant can add sand dryer machine or grinding machine according to your needs and is integrated with the dry mix mortar production line to improve production efficiency.
    • From drying sand to automatic weighing of raw materials, automatic mixing, and automatic packaging, the whole dry mortar plant manufacturing is fully automated.
    • Designed an automatic palletizing production line and an automatic management system for you, to ensure your machines will never stop, the capacity can reach more than 30t / h.

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    Di Hai Machinery supports the turnkey solution, you only need to tell us your needs and existing conditions, we will provide you Plan A, Plan B, Plant C... until you are satisfied.

    dry mix mortar plant from di hai machinery to Russia, tile adhesive manufacturing plant

    Dry Mix Mortar Plant

    Dry Mix Mortar Plant with Sank Making Line in Russia

    • Occupied area: About 110 square meter
    • Mixer volume: 4m³
    • Equipment height: 13m
    • Manpower: 3-4person
    • Weighing: Accumulated weighting method
    • Packaging: in bulk
    • Full Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line consists by :Storage bin; Double shaft paddle mixer; Bucket elevator; Pre-mix hopper; Additive hopper; End product hopper; Automatic ton bag packing machine; Indoor bucket elevator; Pulse dust collector; Automatic batching machine etc.
    • Di Hai engineers service dry mortar plant oversea to install and train workers until you were able to operate the machine skillfully, which took almost 45 days. We are very happy to cooperate with you and have established such a magnificent dry mix mortar plant. We are proud of it.
    dry mortar plant dry concrete plant with double shaft dry mortar mixer

    Dry Mix Mortar Production Line

    Dry Mix Mortar Production Line in Australia with CE Certified

    • Occupied area:70 m²
    • Mixer volume: 2m³, 4m³
    • Equipment height:8-13m
    • Manpower:3-4person
    • Batching and packaging: Automatic batching & Automatic packaging
    • This dry mix mortar production line consists of mixing system( double shaft paddle mixer, pre-mix hopper and end product hopper), Raw material storage system(detachable silo, bucket elevator), automatic valve packing machine, Dedust system and PLC control system.
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    Di Hai factory was founded in 2000 and covers an area of 20,000 square meters. The employees all of 300, including more than 200 professional technicians, exceed 50 engineers. We have about 20 sets of large and medium-sized modern processing and assembly equipment.

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