• Cement Silos For Sale

    • Di Hai Machinery manufactures cement silos with 15+ years of experience.
    • We can design and manufacture a specific model according to customers' requirements.
    • Please tell me your request about the diameter, length, capacity, and MOQ: 1 set.
    • We will customize storage silos for you in different materials, such as plastic storage silos, stainless steel storage silos, and steel cement silos.
    • Our cement silo models are 30T,50T,60T,80T,100T,120T,150T,160T,180T,200T,300T,500T,1000T,2000T, and so on.

    botled cement silo 50 ton

    50T Cement Silo

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    1000T Storage Silo

    bolted cement silo manufacturer 100 ton

    100T Cement Storage Silo

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    Storage Silo For Grain

    150 ton bolted cement silo Di Hai Machinery

    120T Concrete Silo

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    Customized Storage Silo


  • Main Parts of Cement Silo

    It consists of the top cover, the silo body, and the cone part.

    main parts of bolted cement silo
    1. The cement storage silo is generally divided into 3 parts, the cement silo top cover, the silo body, and the cone part. The accessories are composed of electric dust collector, pressure relief valve, discharge valve, liquid level indicator, ladder, outrigger, guardrail, etc.
    2. At the top of cement silo, you can choose an electric dust collector and ordinary dust collector.
    3. In the upper position of the middle of cement silo, there is a material level indicator, which allows you to see the position of the material anytime and anywhere, which is convenient for you to operate.
    4. Use a screw conveyor under cement silo, it can send materials to the location you want.
    5. A manual butterfly valve is set at the bottom of cement silo, which can stop or start the material transfer at any time.
    6. The guardrail of cement silo protects your own safety.
    7. The ladder is convenient for you to go to any position of cement storage silo.
  • Shipping For Cement Storage Silo

    If the transportation distance is long, the storage silo is your best choice.

    Bolted cement silo is dechable, saving you shipping cost.
    the bolited cement silo is your best choice.
    Bolted cement silo is dechable, saving you shipping cost.
    • In order to save ship cost, the bolted cement silo can be detachable, suitable for long-distance transportation, saving you shipping costs, you only need to use bolts to connect it when you received it.
    • Bolted cement silo is generally naked ship in the container and fixed on the container with steel wire.
    • However, bolted cement silo important parts, such as motors, speed reducers, dust collectors, butterfly valves, spirals, etc., are packing with a fumigation-free wooden box to protect the machines.
    • Don't worry that we will provide detailed instructions and installation video. 
    • This installation video is a complete explanation of the installation method and steps of each screw. 
    • If the installation video and manual do not meet your requirements, we will Dispatch engineers to install cement storage equipment in your country

    Cement Silo Assembley Video

  • Cement Silo Parameters

    The following parameters for your reference, if you want to customize or get other models, please feel free to contact us.

  • Working Site For Concrete Silos

    Concrete silos are mostly used in concrete batching plant for concrete storage.

    Bolted Cement Silo In Dry Mortar Plant

    Concrete Silo Plant

    Cement Silo In Dry Mortar Production Line

    Cement Silo In Dry Mortar Production Line

    Bolted Cement Silo In Concrete Batching Plant

    Concrete Silo In Concrete Batching Plant

  • More FAQ to help you know Di Hai Cement Silo

    Help you know more the detachable cement silo.

    1. What is the capacity of cemen silo?

    Customized difference capacity:30T, 50T, 60T, 100T, 120T, 150T, 180T, to 500T, etc.

    2. What is the height of cement silo legs?

    The height of cement silo legs can be customized according to the needs of your construction site.

    3. What is the thickness of cement silo?

    The steel plates are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm from top to bottom. The thickness all can be customized according to your requirements.

    4. Why choose us?

    15 years of production experience, more than 30 engineers team only for you, do every detail well.

    5. Do you have any accessories for cement silo?

    Yes, we have screw conveyors, bucket elevators can be equipped with silos according to customer requirements.

    6. What kind of materials can be stock in cement silos?

    Cement silo is designed to store cement, fly ash, coal ash, lime powder and other powdery materials.

    7. What is the delivery time of cement silo?

    Customized cement silo can be delivered within 7 days after receiving your deposit.

    For more questions, please contact us fell free.

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