• Tile Adhesive Machine

    The tile adhesive machine was developed after absorbing European design concepts, and then combining with the operation experience in production and continuous practice.

    Tile Adhesive Machine with Double Mixer

    Tile Adhesive Machine with Double Mixer

    Tile Adhesive Machine with Sand Drying Plant

    Tile Adhesive Machine with Sand Drying Plant

  • Main Parts of Tile Adhesive Machine

    A tile adhesive production line will be include the following system, if you need a whole tile adhesive machine solution, pls feel free to contact us.

    Double Shaft Mixer

    Double Shaft Mixer

    Improve your capacity

    The blades of the dry mortar mixer are made of alloy steel. The blades are detachable for easy maintenance. The direct-connected reducer increases service life.

    Bolted Cement Silo

    Bolted Cement Silo

    Save your ship cost

    The detachable cement silo is designed to facilitate transportation and save transportation costs. It is easy to install, even if you are a newer you can install it quickly

    Pre-mix Hopper, automatic feeding dry mortar

    Pre-mix Hopper

    Automatic feeding

    The design of the pre-mix hopper is reasonable. After the materials are conveying to the mixer bin, the proportion of each material is set. After weighing, it is transported into the mixer. For additives, you can choose to manually feed the materials.

    Valve Bag Filling Machine

    Valve Bag Filling Machine

    Fast pack in bags

    Valve dry mortar pack machine in bags, the range of packaging can be adjusted according to the bag size, 15-50kg, of course, you can also choose open packaging machine, or in bulk.

    Control System for dry mortar plant

    Control System

    PLC control, all in one button

    Microcomputer control, PLC can control the entire production line, if there are errors, the system will automatically correct.

    Dust Collector for dry mix mortar production line

    Dust Collector

    Environment friendly

    Economical dust collector and pulse dust collector, pulse dust collector can be automatically cleaned by ventilation and compression, with good dust collection effect and simple operation.

  • FAQ for Tile Adhesive Machine


    Tile adhesive machine can produce tile adhesive mortar, tile glue mortar, it also can mixing other dry mortar which you want.

    Is the dry mortar mixer machine vertical or horizontal? Is there any difference?

    In fact, both vertical and horizontal are named after the mixing tank. The vertical mixing tank is not generally used. The reason is that the specific gravity of the dry mortar is different. Mixing in the same mixing tank, heavy materials will be at the bottom, such as sand. Light materials, such as additives, may not be visible to the naked eye, so horizontal type dry mortar mixer is widely used.

    What should I pay attention to when purchasing tile adhesive machine?

    • Quality of raw materials, such as steel plate thickness
    • Whether to use standard parts
    • Whether the purchased parts are a well-known manufacturer, and its quality.
    • Last is the price.

    Can tile adhesive making machine be shared with other dry mortar machines?

    Yes, provided that you need to clean the machine before you produce the next mortar.

  • Sand Drying System

    Sand Drying Plant

    Sand Drying Plant

    Sand Rotary Dryer

    Sand Rotary Dryer

    Sand dryer, also known as river sand dryer, rotary drum sand dryer, yellow sand dryer, quartz sand dryer, is a kind of drying machine that handles a lot of materials.
    Dryers are generally suitable for granular materials. Especially drying sand, river sand, quartz sand and other drying effects are good.

  • Tile Adhesive Machine Working Site

    Supply 1-50 ton per hour tile adhesive making machine

    1-10 ton per hour tile adhesive making machine
    tile adhesive machine manufacturer
    tile adhesive maching with sand drying plant
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