Simple Dry Mix Mortar Production Line In India
  • Simple Dry Mix Mortar Production Line In India
  • Simple Dry Mix Mortar Production Line In India

Simple Dry Mix Mortar Production Line In India

1. 2 people can operate the entire dry mortar production line.
2. The control cabinet can adjust the entire dry mortar production line according to your own needs.
3. At the bottom of the dry mortar mixer, an observation port is designed for you, you can see the mixing state of the materials at any time.
4. The installation of the simple dry mix mortar production line is also very convenient.
5. It really realizes less investment and big return
6. The venue is not limited, even if you are at home, you can build a simple dry mortar production line.
More Details

Di Hai Brand simple dry mortar production line has passed CE certification, and all product components meet international standards, please rest assured to purchase.

If you want to purchase a simple dry mix mortar production line from China, please see the product introduction below for you:

We can customize according to your needs. Generally speaking, the components of the simple dry mix mortar production line are as follows:

  • Ribbon Mixer, with domestic famous brand motor and cycloid reducer
  • Screw conveyor, including feeding screw conveyor and discharge feeding screw conveyor
  • Final product bin
  • Electric control cabinet with English botton
  • Air compressor
  • Automatic valve port filling machine

How does the whole small dry mortar production line work? Its workflow is as follows:

All dry powders, additives, and small materials are put into the feeding port and are lifted into the ribbon mixer through the feeding screw conveyor. After mixing evenly, the materials are transferred to the finished product hopper through the discharge screw conveyor, and then packed into bags by the automatic valve port packing machine.

The simple dry mortar production line is the easiest to operate a line. It has a small investment big return. It is very popular with customers. This production line is almost exported to the world, including Australia, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Guyana, Chile, Malawi, Honduras, Thailand, Portugal, kneel, Cambodia, Macedonia, Nigeria, India, Vietnam, Russia, Malaysia, Czechoslovakia, Ghana, Kenya, Lebanon, Paraguay, Tunisia, Mexico, Yemen, Pakistan, Central Asia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, etc.

If you want to know if we have working site of dry mortar production line in your country, feel free to contact us.

Small dry mix mortar production line workshop for your reference:

When exporting dry mix mortar production line to your country, how do we package your machines?

First, all dry mortar machines made in Di Hai Machinery, the surface will be sprayed with anti-rust paint to ensure that the machine will not rust after being transported by sea.

Secondly, for packaging machines, motors, reducers, accessories, and even ribbon mixing machines, we will use fumigation-free wooden boxes for packaging.

Finally, for naked dry mortar production line, we will use plastic film to protect the surface of dry mortar machines and use steel wire to fix the equipment in the container.

Di Hai Machinery is a manufacturer of dry mortar production line exported for more than 15 years, please rest assured that distance is not a problem. We are always in your behind.

How long is the delivery time of dry mix mortar production line?

For a simple line dry mortar plant, we guarantee delivery within 7 days after receiving the deposit, including custom-made dry mortar plant.

If you need special documents during customs clearance, such as an original certificate, please let us know in advance.


The dry mortar plant you will be concerned about after-sales and how to install?

All dry mortar production line was purchased from Di Hai Machinery and the warranty is 1year(12 months).

During 1 year, if it is not damage caused by humans, we will solve all problems for you.

During 1 year, if the wear parts is damaged, we will send the wear parts which damaged to you by air for free.

During 1 year, if your workers don't know how to operate, we will also train your employees for free.

The installation is simple for the small dry mortar production line. Generally speaking, through the installation video we shot for you, it can be installed well step by step.

In order to save installation costs, engineers can guide you through face-to-face online installation.

In addition, Di Hai also supports engineers to install dry mortar production line in your country and train workers on how to operate.


What are the requirements for the height of small dry mortar production line?

When choosing dry mortar plants, you will definitely consider the installation site, choose the small dry mortar production line almost no need additional construction or rental site, the installation height of the entire production line does not exceed 3.5m, most ordinary plant can meet.


Does simple dry mortar production line send accessories or wearing parts?

The dry mortar production line purchased from Di Hai Machinery will send a set of accessories or wearing parts to you for free, to convenient for your later maintenance and replacement.


Buy a dry mortar production line from your factory, can you send some dry mortar bags?

When you buy dry mortar machines from Di Hai, we will prepare 50-100 valve port packing bags for you and ship them with your dry mortar machine.

But for more than 100pcs bags, we will give you at low cost, of course, if you need a lot of bags, such as a small container, then you need to bear the transportation costs.

Di Hai also produces open packaging bags and valve opening packaging bags, the materials can be paper and PP, a variety of dry mortar bags for you to choose, if necessary, don't hesitate to contact us.


Can your company provide a formula for dry mortar production line?

Of course, we can provide you with a dry mortar formula, free.

If necessary, when you buy dry mortar plant from us, please tell us your demand for the formula.

The engineer will send you the formula which you need, but it should be noted that this formula requires you to test before it can be used.

Because the humidity and dryness of the environment also have a certain influence on the formula.