What Are The Common Methods for Troubleshooting of Dry Mortar Plant?

The dry mortar mixing plant produced by Di Hai Machinery is very popular in the construction industry, and the brand of "Di Hai" is becoming more and more popular. Don’t be surprised if one day, when you pass by somewhere, you see “Henan Di Hai Machinery Co., Ltd.” printed on the machinery.

If there is a failure when using the dry mortar machines, please don't panic. Next, we will talk about the failures that the equipment often encounters from the following aspects. It can help you quickly solve the problem:

Look, observe the operation of the mixer through the eyes, see if the mixer is running smoothly, see if there are unsmooth and leakage for feeding and discharge material. Check whether the oil amount of the reducer is normal and whether there is oil leakage (PS: The reducer leakage little oil is allowed at the factory and it can be used with confidence), if the oil amount of the engine oil is lower than the standard scale, the oil amount needs to be replenished in time.

Listen, when there are problems in the operation of the mixer, there will be abnormal noises. These can be heard through the ears.

If there are abnormal noises during use, you need to pay attention to check the source of the abnormal noises.

The most common is the abnormal noise of the reducer, abnormal noise in the mixer, abnormal noise in the conveying and lifting equipment.

The abnormal noise of the reducer is generally caused by the insufficient amount of lubricating oil in the reducer or the overload operation. It is necessary to replenish the oil amount and reduce the load in time (PS: the mixer is strictly prohibited from starting at full load, which will cause damage to the motor and reducer).

The abnormal noise of the mixer and the conveying and lifting equipment needs to check whether there is foreign matter in the equipment, and clean up the foreign matter in time so as to lose it due to small.

In addition, it is necessary to detect the odor through the nose in a timely manner, to find the source of the odor, to prevent the device from making poor contact and heating the cable to cause a fire.

Ask, by asking the relevant operator of the dry mortar mixer to understand the operation of the machine, consult to see if there is any abnormal phenomenon, analyze the abnormal situation in time, find out the cause, and solve the problem.

Check, the dry mortar production line will generate heat during operation, and the heating temperature will have a certain range. For example, the motor, reducer, and cable generate heat during the operation of the machine. If the heat exceeds the range, the machine may be damaged. Regularly touch the easy-to-heat parts with your hands to check whether the temperature is normal to effectively avoid failures.

There are various inspection methods for the dry mix mortar production line. The above four methods are not only applicable to dry mortar plant but also applicable to other machinery.

If you have any questions during the process of dry mortar plant, please feel free to contact us in time.