Formula of Quick Repair Mortar for Cement Road

This is a formula for cement repair mortar, if you need more mortar formula, contact us now.

Use ordinary Portland cement and add some quick-setting and quick-setting cement to adjust the setting time. The difficulty is that the surface processing must be performed.

The following is a basic repair mortar formula used in Guangdong, China and Hong Kong, China:

Cement: 150

Fast-setting fast-hardening cement: 160kg

Coarse sand: 500kg

Medium sand: 150kg

Concrete expansion agent: 10kg

Hemihydrate gypsum: 20kg

Water reducing agent: 2.5 F10

Rubber powder: 8kg

Lithium carbonate: adjust the time

Defoamer: 0.5kg

The above formula is not complicated, the key is the supporting construction technology and method.

Formula of Quick Repair Mortar for Cement Road

FAQ about the Quick Repair Mortar Formula

Q: This seems complicated?

A: This is not complicated at all, basically the additives are not used much, simple and practical.

Q: What is the approximate mesh size for coarse sand and medium sand?

A: According to different needs, the road surface repair will be coarser. Generally, the coarse sand in the factory is 30-50 mesh, the coarser is 15-30 mesh, and the coarser is used in the grout.

Q: What does " Lithium carbonate: adjust the time" mean?

A: Adjusting the time means adjusting the condensation time.

Q: Generally speaking, what is the thickness of the repair mortar?

A: Repair mortar usually does not emphasize the amount of use, you need to check the specific repair plan. Repair mortar requires a plan that can be combined with your actual situation. The thinnest repair mortar thickness also needs 2~3mm, too thin will not work.

Q:If you want to produce repair mortar yourself? What needs to be done?

A:Di Hai Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various dry mortar plant, supporting 1-50t/h dry mortar production line. If you want to know more about the repair mortar production line, please contact us, our engineers will give you detailed drawings and turnkey solution.