The Solution To Smoke From Dry Mortar Production Line

If unfortunately your dry mortar machines is smoking, do you know how to solve it? Here we will list the reasons and solutions for the smoke from the equipment. You just need to troubleshoot according to our method, or contact us.

We hope you have never encountered this problem.

To ensure the normal operation of the entire dry mortar production line, every part of it must play a role, especially the motor. The motor is one of the cores of the dry mortar machine and the heart of the dry mortar plant. Once the motor has a problem, the entire production line will paralysis. There may be overheating or even smoking.

Of course, if you are not lucky enough to encounter smoke from the dry mortar production line, don't worry, I will tell you the solution next. You only need to follow the steps step by step.

1. cause of the issue

① The power supply voltage is too high, which greatly increases the heating of the iron core;

② The power supply voltage is too low, the motor is running with rated load, and the current is too high and the winding heats up;

③ When repairing and removing windings, improper thermal dismantling method is used, which will burn the iron core;

④ The stator and rotor cores are rubbed together;

⑤ Motor overload or frequent start;

⑥ Broken bars of cage rotor;

⑦ Motor lacks phase and runs in two phases;

⑧ After rewinding, the winding paint is not sufficient;

⑨ High ambient temperature, the surface of the motor is dirty, or the ventilation duct is blocked;

⑩ Motor fan failure, poor ventilation; stator winding failure (phase-to-phase, inter-turn short circuit; internal connection error of stator winding).

2. Troubleshooting

① Reduce the power supply voltage (such as adjusting the tap of the power supply transformer). If it is caused by the wrong connection of the motor Y and Δ, the connection should be corrected;

② Increase the power supply voltage or change the thick power supply wire;

③ Overhaul the iron core and eliminate the fault;

④ Eliminate rubbing points ;

⑤ Reduce load; control starting according to the specified number of times;

⑥ Check and eliminate rotor winding faults;

⑦ Resume three-phase operation;

⑧ Using secondary dipping and vacuum dipping process;

⑨ Clean the motor, improve the ambient temperature, and adopt cooling measures;

⑩ Check and repair the fan, replace if necessary; check and repair the stator winding to eliminate the fault.

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Finally, I hope your dry mortar equipment runs smoothly and brings you a steady stream of profits.