Do You Know How To Reduce The Wear Of Dry Mortar Machines?

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Dry mortar machine is often used in engineering projects. Whether it is due to daily wear or operation and maintenance, it will bring certain loss to ready-mixed mortar plant. This problem is inevitable. If we can be reduced or slowed down the wear for dry mortar plant, so it will be have great benefits for us.

If you want to know how to reduce the wear of dry mortar machine, you must first find out the source of equipment wear.

Based on our years of experience in the dry mortar production line and installation, we have summarized the reasons for the wear of dry mortar plant, let us look at it together:

The long-term operation of dry mortar equipment may cause uneven hands in the silo of the mixer, resulting in serious wear of the liner of the equipment, which seriously affects the normal operation of the dry mortar equipment.

Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of dry mortar equipment, improve the stress of equipment components, and the function of lamination mixing in the mixing process, it is possible to ensure the uniformity of the strength of the feed material during the production process.

If there are unbreakable objects in the equipment during the work of the dry mortar equipment, in order to reduce the damage of the equipment, the rear thrust plate should be used as the component of the dry mortar equipment. So as to reduce the loss of dry mortar plant.

In the dry mortar production line, all materials used must meet the production requirements of the equipment, and the strength of the materials must be within the range that the dry mortar machine can handle.

Secondly, in the process of mixing dry mortar, we must pay attention to whether there are hard sundries in the material, such as iron nails, stones and other sundries.

Otherwise, it will cause various quality problems in the dry mortar production, and then reduce the mixing probability of weaker materials and the particle size of the product.

When the dry mortar equipment is working, we can protect the equipment through the above points, thereby reducing the degree of wear of the equipment, and effectively reducing the maintenance cost of the dry mortar plant.