Dry Mortar Production Line In Zimbabwe

Congratulations, today a set of 4-6t/h simple dry mortar production will be sent to Zimbabwe.

Dry Mortar Production Line Delivery Site

dry mortar production line delivery to Zimbabwe

Congratulations! Today a set of dry mortar production line with 4-6t/h will delivery to Zimbabwe.

As you can see from the picture, this entire dry mortar production line is filled with a container of 20GP.

So what parts are included in this dry mortar production line in Zimbabwe?

  1. Feeding screw conveyor
  2. Paddle dry mortar mixer
  3. Discharging screw conveyor
  4. Pulse dust collector
  5. Automatic packaging machine
  6. Finished product warehouse with arch breaking device
  7. Product wearing parts
  8. Domestic well-known brand motors

Although this is a small dry mortar production line, whether you are a big customer or a small customer, we take it seriously.
All packaging machines, motors, and small accessories are packed in wooden boxes without fumigation.
All machines are firmly fixed with iron wires.
Please see the picture below.

Dry Mortar Production Line In Zimbabwe

Dry Mortar Mix Plant

If you need a dry mortar production line with large capacity in Zimbabwe, as shown picture below, we are a manufacturer of dry mortar production lines and can provide you with a turnkey solution.

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Dry Mortar Production Line In Zimbabwe

If you import dry mortar production line to Zimbabwe from China, customs clearance documents are generally required, original B/L, packing list, invoice, CO origin certificate. If you don't know which documents you need, you can consult your freight forwarder.