How to install dry mortar plant?

Here, we use a real case to talk about, how did Di Hai Machinery install a dry mortar plant?

Almost everyone who buys dry mortar production line is very concerned about this issue, it determines whether your machine can run smoothly. Even related to your installation costs, a good dry mortar plant manufacturer can help save you time and costs, while teaching your workers how to operate.

The automatic dry mortar production line is in Oman, capacity at 20t/h. The specific configuration of this production line is as follows:

  1. Mixing System:

Twin shaft paddle mixer: DWZ2000, discharge capacity at 1000kgs per bathch.

Pre-mix hopper: 2m3

End product hopper:2m3

  1. Batching System:

Batching Hopper:2m3

Screw conveyor:carrying capacity 15t/h

Indoor bucket elevator

  1. Raw Material Storage System:

Detachable silo: 60T

Outdoor bucket elevator

  1. Packing System

Automatic valve bag filling machine

  1. Electric control system

PLC control cabinet

  1. Dedust System

Pulse filter

  1. Air Supply system
  2. Steel platform and structure

This dry mortar plant is transported by sea. After more than 30 days, it will reach the customers. At the same time, we will send engineers to Oman to install the dry mortar plant.

I can't wait, let's start installing dry mortar production line:

how to install dry mortar plant

Everything prepared well, all accessories are pulled from the container, this is what it looks like after removing the packaging.

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Installation tool and the required screws are prepared in advance.

Di hai machinery dry mortar plant manufacturer

Our engineers demonstrated how to install the screws, the workers installed the steel frame platform of dry mortar plant together.

steel frame platform of dry mortar plant

The first and second steel frame platform is completed.

The end hopper is completed.

The end product hopper is completed and check it.

double shaft mixer install well

The double shaft dry mortar mixer is finished and check it.

pre mix hopper and double shaft mixer intall well

Next, the pre-mix hopper and mixer install well and linked it by butterfly valve. Does it seem to be finished?

steel structure of dry mortar plant finished well

Yes, so far, all indoor installations have been completed. It includes steel frame platform, pre-mix hopper, and double shaft dry mortar mxier.
Next, let's install the outdoor part, let's see what is the outdoor dry mortar plant? and how is it installed?

dry mortar plant base foundation build well

This step is very important, dig a pit and make a foundation. Next, lets install the bucket elevator.

bucket elevator for dry mortar plant

The picture 1 is install bucket elevator, and picture 2 is open hole for discharge port of elevator.

the dechable bolted cement silo install well.

Next, we start to install the bolted cement silo system, after you install it step by step, then install dust collector, pneumatic arch breaker.

dry mix mortar plant batching hopper and screw convery install well.

The batching hopper is installed well and holes are opened according to the needs of the dry mortar production line working site.

The screw conveyor completed well, take a pose, take a photo, yeah!

PLC control system for dry mortar plant

Install a PLC control system, all wires have dedicated channels to protect your safety.

All dry mortar production line installed well

All dry mortar production line installed well, perfect!