1-2 Ton Per Hour Dry Mix Mortar Plant Send To India

We have many dry mix mortar plant work sites in India, if you are interested in learning more, please contact us now!

Today, another set of dry mix mortar plant will be sent to India.

India can be said to be one of our main markets. We have simple dry mix mortar plant, automatic dry mix mortar plant in India.

For those who are just starting their careers, 1-2 ton per hour dry mix mortar plant is a very good choice.

Because it can meet the small output demand, the cost is low, and the operation is simple.

1-2 Ton Per Hour Dry Mix Mortar Plant Send To India

What do I need to do when I Dry mix mortar plant send to India?

  • First, the dry mortar plant supplier needs to prepare the machines well, load them into wooden boxes as required well, and wait for the arrival of the containers.
  • Second, after the arrival of the container, a professional packing team will transport all the parts of dry mix mortar plant into the container and fix it.
  • Third, close the container and put a lead seal in accordance with regulations.
  • Fourth, weigh the total weight of the dry mortar plant in the container
  • Fifth, submit the required materials for customs declaration, so that the dry mortar machine can pass the customs smoothly.
1-2 Ton Per Hour Dry Mix Mortar Plant Send To India

The next step is to wait for the dry mix mortar plant to be safely delivered to India. The 1-2 ton dry mortar production line is easy to install. We will send you a 3D installation video. You only need to install it according to the steps.

If you want to know more about dry mix mortar plant working site in India, please fell free contact us now.